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Some general information about fanlistings, Prince of Tennis, and Kikumaru Eiji.

What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is a gathering or listing of people who share a common and specific interest, such as a sitcom, singer, song, etc. In this case, this is a fanlisting to Kikumaru Eiji.

What is Prince of Tennis?
Tennis no Oujisama, or Prince of Tennis and TeniPuri to its fans, is a 42-volume long shounen sports manga created by Konomi Takeshi that ran in the Shounen Jump from 1999 to 2008. It details the story of one Echizen Ryoma, the titled prince of tennis, and his journey to the Japan's junior-high national tennis competition alongside his teammates from Seishun Gakuen or "Seigaku." Together, they compete against some of the best players from teams all around Japan for the title of best tennis team! ...of that year of that age group.

Who is Kikumaru Eiji?
Eiji is third-year teammate on Ryoma's team and one of Seigaku's regular players. While he has proved himself capable of playing singles, Eiji prefers and frequently plays the doubles one position on the team. Along with his partner Oishi Shuichirou, Eiji makes up one-half of the canonically dubbed "Golden Pair," one of the strongest doubles teams in the series and a pair that went to the nationals in their second year. While Eiji seems childish and playful at times, he is also a strong, determined character who aims to become a better tennis player. Eiji is not only aware and critical of his own faults and flaws, but also someone who will go to great lengths to overcome them. I think because of one's initial impression of him, Eiji becomes one of the characters that experiences the most character development throughout the series.

Why a fanlisting for him?
I think I've liked Eiji even before I really had gotten around to watching the series, thanks to fandom! He is almost always as a warm, happy, bouncy character who's fun and teasing and open and friendly - what's there not to like? However, a character like that usually becomes flat and boring as series progress. I think "like" became "love" when I really got into the series. Yes, Eiji is a warm, friendly character who attracts attention, but he's also a hard-working, self-aware character who's not afraid to push himself to become better than he is. However, despite that, he also manages never to truly forget the open, happy type of person he is. I love Eiji as a character not because he's the things I thought he was - I love him because he's all those things and more.

Why "Predilection"?
Predilection, according to Dictionary.com, is "a tendency to think favorably of something in particular; partiality; preference." I think that explains my feelings towards Eiji clearly enough. The other reason might just be because I coudln't think of anything else to name this site. *twiddles thumbs*